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How to Easily Earn Over $50 Monthly with Our Affiliate Marketing Program

How to Earn Over $50 Monthly with Our Affiliate Marketing Program

How to Earn Over $50 Monthly with Our Affiliate Marketing Program

You have probably heard of a thousand ways to make money online from the comfort of your home. We are introducing a program that will give you an opportunity learn how to earn over $50 monthly with our affiliate marketing program if you are committed, and you can put in work.

What is an affiliate or referral marketing?

Affiliate or referral marketing is the promotion of products, services or website, and earning a commission of total sales/profits from products, services or traffic. Whenever you direct traffic that translates into a sale, you get a cut of the resulting sale.

In our case, we will initially sell VIP Soccer tips prediction packages available on our VIP section

If you can be committed to working hard, then this should be a lucrative venture for you to earn over $50 monthly with our affiliate marketing program. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to our affiliate program; wishing you all the best.


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What do you need?

  1. Computer / smartphone / tablet etc
  2. Internet connection
  3. Wide social cycle / followership on social media / blog / website / mailing list etc
  4. Dedication

How our affiliate program works

Initially, you will be required to promote VIP Soccer tips prediction packages on our VIP section listed below, but in future, we will introduce other affiliate products which you can share in your social networks.

You will earn a 10% commission on each referral that successfully purchases our products including premium VIP packages and other affiliate products (coming soon).

Here are our existing packages and respective commissions.

$500 lifetime / yearly premium membership – Commission: $50

$50 monthly premium membership – Commission: $5

$5 weekly premium membership – Commission: $2.5

Advantages of our affiliate program

  1. Sophisticated cookie tracking captures every referral
  2. Lifetime Commissions – You get to earn every time a customer buys any product.
  3. High commissions of up to 10% of every sale
  4. No minimum withdrawal amount
  5. Site/blog linking to our site without the use of a referral link
  6. Easy referral link sharing from your dashboard

To connect your website/blog as illustrated below, log in to your affiliate dashboard and click direct links and add your domain

Website Direct Linking

Step by step guide on how to start selling our affiliate products

  1. Register for an account

Apply for the affiliate program here providing us with information on how you plan to promote us to earn referrals. Clear and precise information will allow us to approve your account.

On the Payment Email form, include a valid PayPal account you will use to withdraw your earnings. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can register here

  1. Log in and get your unique referral link > Affiliate URLs

After your account is approved, login to your affiliate dashboard and find your referral link.

Get Your Referral URL

You can then customize the URL to a link you can easily remember, then click on “Generate URL.” You will then get sharing options to Email and Social Media. Click on any of the options to share your custom referral link with your friends.

Creating an affiliate link and sharing it

  1. Check your statistics > Statistics

Use this interface, graphs, referrals, and visits tabs to monitor your earnings.

Check Your Performance - Statistics

  1. Withdraw Your Earnings > Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account at any time because there are no withdrawal limits.

Withdraw Your Earnings

Having learned how to make money with our affiliate marketing, you can dive right in by registering for an account here and make a step towards financial freedom.

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